Cooling systems for Industry and HVAC

Since 1985, Cofinair group has an international recognised expertise in evaporative cooling.

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Our history


COFINAIR group was founded by Pierre Sézille de Mazacourt, an industrialist from the north of France, along with 3 partners. The group covered 3 activities mainly centered on air conditioning:

  • Cooling towers for air conditioning,
  • Air humidifiers and dehumidifiers,
  • Air handling units.

The COFINAIR group acquired JACIR and diversified into the industrial sector. The group could then offer a wide range of cooling towers for a varied and complex set of industrial applications in its national market:

  • Cooling towers for air conditioning
  • Cooling towers for industrial applications

COFINAIR group's manufacturing site located in Normandy was attached to a subsidiary called COFINAIR INDUSTRIE.


The COFINAIR group reinforced its presence in the industrial sector including internationally with the acquisition of a standard polyester towers know-how and an export sales network from a large multinational.


GOHL, the German manufacturer of cooling towers, joined the COFINAIR group. Historic German market leader, this acquisition allowed COFINAIR to take up a solid position in Germany in what is the largest European market for cooling towers.

  • JACIR incorporated AIRCHAL France, maker of premium Air Handling Units for demanding applications in the industrial sector. This strategy allowed JACIR to offer a new product to its existing clients.
  • Jean Gilbert took over as President of COFINAIR group. His experience with a large international group injects new momentum into the COFINAIR group.

German cooling towers manufacturer KTK joined the COFINAIR group: major synergies with GOHL in the highly demanding German market, and expansion of its export capabilities. 


E.W. GOHL GmbH and KTK Kühlturm Karlsruhe GmbH companies merged into GOHL – KTK GmbH.

Production sites are grouped in Durmersheim, and a Service Center is set up in Radzolfzell, near Singen.